Can My Puppy Eat Artichokes?

As a new pet parent, finding healthy snacks for your puppy is an essential task. It’s not difficult but can be tedious due to the wide variety of snacks available in pet stores.

In many of my other blogs, I talk about the fact that many people like to give their puppies human food,  especially fruits and vegetables. Many believe (and rightly so) that some fruits and vegetables healthy for humans are also healthy for puppies.

Whenever possible, I give my puppy a healthy “human” snack rather than something store-bought. (I don’t completely trust what some food manufacturers put in their dog treats.)

As I was looking at fruits and vegetables in my local grocery store the other day, I saw one that has been my favorite for a very long time, artichokes

I vividly remember my grandmother making stuffed artichokes when I was a child, and they were absolutely delicious. As you might have already guessed, that got me thinking about today’s question, can my puppy eat artichokes?

I’m glad to report that, yes, puppies can eat artichokes. Artichokes contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help support your puppy’s immune system, metabolism, bones, muscles, and several other body parts and systems.

I’ve also read that giving your puppy or dog artichokes could help them if they have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or diarrhea. However, as with many fruits and vegetables, there are certain limits to how many artichokes your puppy can eat as with many fruits and vegetables.

Now that you know that your puppy can eat artichokes, I’m sure you have other questions about this interesting and delicious vegetable and how to feed it to your puppy. How do you cook artichokes for dogs, for example, and can dogs eat raw artichokes?

Please keep reading for the answer to those questions, several more, and some excellent advice and tips. I’ve got them for you below, usable, real-world information that will help any new puppy parent.

What are the Health Benefits of Artichokes for Dogs?

When eaten in moderation, following the 90/10 rule of snacks, artichokes are a very healthy snack for dogs and puppies. For example, artichokes are very high in antioxidants, which can prevent cognitive decline in dogs.

These antioxidants also prevent your puppy and adult dog from premature aging, improve their immune system and help their liver function better. The folate in artichokes improves red blood cell production and DNA synthesis.

Artichokes are also very high in fiber which is excellent for your puppy’s digestive system. It can help maintain flora and fauna in their gut and help them to go potty with fewer problems.

Incidentally, if your puppy is suffering from diarrhea, a small amount of artichoke can help. It reduces excess water by absorbing it, which helps to make their stool firmer.

Another health benefit of artichokes for dogs and puppies is its potassium, an important electrolyte. Potassium helps electrical impulses in your puppy’s heart and muscles and is vital for regulating their body fluids.

What Part of the Artichoke is Not OK to Give to Puppies?

Although no part of an artichoke is toxic to a puppy, some parts can cause a choking hazard. They include the more fibrous and dense outer part of the leaves and the fuzzy inner layer known as the “choke.” 

Also, when feeding your puppy artichoke, it’s best to cut it into small, bite-sized pieces so that you reduce the choking hazard. 

I would recommend giving your puppy only the heart, stem, and soft inner petals of an artichoke. The thorns, outer petals, and choke should not be given to them as, again, they can cause a choking risk. 

Can Dogs Eat Raw Artichokes?

Dogs and puppies can definitely eat raw artichokes, and it’s the best way to give artichokes to them. That’s because raw artichokes are filled with vitamin C and other nutrients. When you cook artichokes, you eliminate many of the vitamins and nutrients.

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke Hearts?

Yes, you can safely give artichoke hearts to dogs and puppies. Indeed, that’s the best part of the artichoke and, typically, the softest. 

Some people like to thinly slice raw artichoke hearts and feed them to their puppy that way, which can be a fun snack. Unlike the way humans eat them, though, drizzled with olive oil and flavored with salt and pepper, you should only feed plain sliced artichoke hearts to your puppy.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Artichokes?

Dogs and puppies can eat cooked artichokes, and it’s one of the better ways to feed them artichokes. One caveat is that it should be plain, with no salt, seasonings, or butter. It’s also imperative that you avoid using garlic or onions as both are toxic for dogs and puppies.

The best way to cook artichokes for dogs or puppies is to steam them. However, don’t oversteam them because they will get too mushy. Also, over steaming can reduce the quality of the vitamins and nutrients in the artichoke.

Can Dogs Eat Marinated Artichokes?

While marinated artichokes aren’t a big health hazard for your puppy or dog, many are marinated in salty brine. Too much salt can be very unhealthy for a puppy or a dog, and thus marinated artichokes, unless you know that they’re low or no salt, should be avoided.

Can Dogs Eat Fried Artichokes?

While eating a small bit of fried artichoke probably won’t affect your dog or puppy, feeding them fried artichokes regularly could be detrimental to their health. 

Fried foods have many oils and fats that dogs simply don’t need and can make them overweight. Also, deep-fried foods of any kind can cause a risk of indigestion and tummy problems for a puppy.

Are Dogs Allergic to Artichokes?

It’s very rare to find a puppy or dog allergic to artichokes. In most cases, if they have an allergic reaction, it’s not from the artichoke itself but from other things that you prepared the artichoke with, like seasonings, citric acid, vinegar, and spices.

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke and Spinach Dip?

A favorite party food, artichoke and spinach dip, should never be given to a puppy or dog. It’s filled with many harmful ingredients that you should avoid.

Some of those ingredients contain high amounts of fat, including cream cheese, mayonnaise, romano, and parmesan cheese. Also, most artichoke and spinach dips contain garlic, garlic salt, and occasionally onions that are toxic for dogs and puppies.

Lastly, artichoke and spinach dip is usually very high in salt, which is not something you want to give to your puppy regularly, if at all.

Final Thoughts 

Can my puppy eat artichokes is a question I hear almost every spring. As we’ve seen, the answer is that yes, your puppy can eat artichokes, following the 90/10 rule of puppy snacks.

Unlike some fruits and vegetables, artichokes have no toxic parts. That being said, their thick leaves and center choke can, ironically, be a choking hazard. Also, the best way to feed artichoke to your puppy is raw and cut into bite-sized chunks.

Did you enjoy today’s blog about artichokes and puppies?  (If you are anything like my Italian grandmother, bless her soul, you probably enjoyed it immensely.)  I hope that you did and that it answered all your questions about whether or not your puppy can eat artichokes. 

If you have more or would like to learn more about being a pet parent, my other blogs are filled with valuable, real-world information to help you do just that. Until next time, enjoy this wonderful time raising your precious puppy. It goes by quickly, so be sure to take advantage of every minute!