Can Puppies Eat Peaches?

When you adopt a new puppy, you accept many responsibilities as the furry rascals can’t do much for themselves. Providing them with a nice, warm bed to sleep in is a great example. (Or, if you prefer, a nice, warm crate.) Ensuring they get their vaccinations is also essential, as is taking them to the vet to be spayed or neutered if you don’t plan to breed them.

There are many more things you’ll need to do for your puppy, of course, as momma dog won’t be there to do it for them. Some examples are getting enough exercise, learning how to play nice with other dogs and people, not running out into traffic, etc. All of these things, and many more, are your responsibility the moment you bring your pup home from the shelter where you adopted them. 

One essential responsibility is to feed your puppy healthy, nutritious food, including occasional snacks and treats. Knowing which food and snacks are healthy will ensure your puppy grows into a well-rounded dog. It will also prevent them from becoming literally well-rounded, as feeding them the right food will prevent your puppy from becoming obese.

I was thinking about the best snacks for puppies the other day when I was at my local big-box pet store, looking at all the snacks and treats they had on offer. It reminded me of a question I’ve seen several times, especially in summer: Can puppies eat peaches?

The answer is a resounding yes, puppies can eat peaches, and this popular summer food is one of the better snacks you can give them. Peaches are high in several vitamins and antioxidants and also high in fiber, something all dogs need for a healthy GI tract. 

Peaches, however, are high in fruit sugar, so you shouldn’t give them peaches as a snack too often. Also, never give your puppy the peach pit as it could present a choking hazard and has a small amount of cyanide, a potent toxin.

Now that you know that puppies can eat peaches, you might have other questions about feeding them this delicious, nutritious snack. If yes, you’ll be pleased to know I have those questions, and their answers, below. Can puppies eat peach skin, for example, and what to do if they eat a peach pit. To find out those answers and several more, read on!

Is the Whole Peach Safe for Puppies? 

No, the whole peach is not safe for puppies because it includes the pit, which, as I mentioned earlier, can present a choking hazard. Also, peach pits have a small amount of the toxin cyanide. The cyanide from one peach pit would likely not be able to kill them, but it could definitely upset your puppy’s stomach and make them sick.

Can Dogs Eat Peach Skin?

Yes, your puppy can eat the skin of a peach with no problem. There’s nothing toxic in the skin, and, like the peach itself, the skin has a high amount of vitamins A, C, and other antioxidants. In fact, it’s been proven that the skin of most fruit contains more vitamins and antioxidants than the actual meat of the fruit, including peaches.

However, one thing you should do is clean the outside of the peach before giving your puppy a slice. That’s especially true if the peach isn’t organic, as it likely has been sprayed with nasty stuff like chemical fertilizers, mold retardants, insect repellents, and other harmful chemicals. 

Can Dogs Eat Peach Pits? 

No, you should never give your puppy a peach pit. First, peach pits are relatively rough and have sharp edges that could hurt their mouth, gums, and teeth. Second, peach pits are rather large and can cause a severe choking hazard for your little puppy.

Also, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, peach pits have a toxin inside them called cyanide. There’s only a tiny amount of cyanide in a single peach pit, but it can still upset your puppy’s tummy and cause them to vomit, have diarrhea, and other symptoms. The cyanide from one peach pit isn’t enough to kill your puppy, but it can make them sick. 

What Do I Do If My Dog Eats a Peach Pit?

If your puppy swallows a peach pit, the first thing to do is not freak out. The fact is, one peach pit might upset your pup’s stomach but the chance it will kill or severely harm them is very low. Also, if it’s already been swallowed, the possibility that they will choke on a peach pit is eliminated.

On the other hand, if your puppy eats several peach pits simultaneously or eats several over a more extended period, the hydrogen cyanide produced during digestion could cause them some serious health problems. For that reason, if they’ve eaten several peach pits, you should get them to your local veterinarian as soon as possible. 

Benefits to Puppies Eating Peaches

As I mentioned earlier in today’s article, peaches are one of the healthier fruit snacks that you can give your puppy, albeit on a limited basis. There are several reasons why they’re healthy, including the fact that they’re rich in vitamins A, C, and E.  

These vitamins can help them maintain healthy skin, strengthen their immune system and improve their metabolic defenses against cell oxidation. Vitamin E Is also essential for your puppy’s muscle and eye health.

Peaches also have small amounts of the minerals manganese, copper, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which are essential for your pup’s health. Peaches also help prevent disease because they’re packed with antioxidants. Plus, the dietary fiber they contain is excellent for your puppy’s digestive health. That’s especially true if your puppy suffers from constipation, as peaches can improve their regularity and help them to eliminate their stools more easily. 

I mentioned that peaches contain potassium, a mineral your puppy needs to help regulate their blood pressure. Potassium reduces excess sodium which in turn relaxes the tension in the walls of their blood vessels. Potassium also helps bind cholesterol and bile acids and remove them from your puppy’s body. 

How Many Peaches Can My Dog Eat?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, most notably the size and weight of your puppy. It also helps to use the 90/10 rule, which says that 90% of your puppy’s diet should come from their regular, daily kibble while 10% comes from snacks, including peaches. 

Veterinarians and dog experts recommend giving your puppy, at most, one or two peach slices on any given day. They also recommend that you don’t give your puppy peaches every day but only occasionally. During summer, giving your puppy a couple of peach slices once or twice a week is just about right. Remember, peaches are very high in sugar, something your puppy shouldn’t eat too often. 

Final Thoughts

Can puppies eat peaches? Indeed they can, but as with all snacks you give to your precious pup, you should provide them peaches in moderation following the 90/10 rule of thumb. Peaches contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that are very healthy for your puppy, as well as fiber that can keep them regular and their digestive system healthy.

One caveat is that you should never give your puppy a peach pit as they pose a choking hazard and contain the toxin cyanide. Also, be sure to clean the outside of the peach well before giving it to your puppy. That will remove any chemicals that farmers might have sprayed on the peach while still growing on the farm.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed today’s article about puppies and whether or not they can eat peaches. If you have more questions about the types of snacks you can give your puppy or how to raise a healthy, happy dog, please see my other blogs on the subject. They have real-world, actionable information you can use to become the perfect puppy parent.