How Much Does Puppy Training Cost?

Besides vaccinations, I believe the most important task for every puppy parent is to train their puppy well. The sad truth is that shelters are full of dogs who weren’t trained well as puppies and became too much for their parent to handle. Yes, some dog breeds are more difficult to train than others, it’s … Read more

How To Introduce Your Puppy To Water

For most mammals, the mother teaches their babies about life and what to do in certain situations. When you adopt a puppy, you take over for their momma, which is a big responsibility. If you’ve just adopted a p[uppy, there’s a good chance you’re discovering this as we speak. For example, as your pup’s new … Read more

How To Stop A Puppy From Peeing When Excited

Puppies are very similar to baby humans in several ways; it’s true. They cry, whine, sleep a lot, and pee wherever they choose with no remorse. That’s expected, of course, as both babies and puppies aren’t mature enough to know the difference. Until they get older and more mature, cleaning up their messes is something … Read more

How Early Can Puppy Training Begin?

The first few days with a new puppy are exciting for every new puppy parent. You and your pup are getting to know each other, and possibly other family members too. You’re starting to understand their schedule, body language, and food preferences (and, likely, cleaning up a lot of doggy droppings). During these first few … Read more

How Do I Train My Puppy Not To Bark?

Many new puppy parents need time to get used to barking, something the average puppy does on a very regular basis. Whether out of excitement, fear, or frustration, barking and puppies go together like peas and carrots. They’re a fact of life when you’re a “dog person,” no doubt, and something you’ll deal with all … Read more