How To Prevent And Get Rid of Ticks on Your Puppy

There are, unfortunately, quite a few things that can harm a puppy. If you’re a new puppy parent, you might be finding this out as we speak. Plants around your home need to be removed; gates need to be put up to keep them from falling down the steps, and other tasks like these. 

As with a child, much of your work involves making sure your precious new puppy doesn’t hurt themselves. They will chew on practically anything they can out in their mouth and sniff, lick, and nibble on everything else. If those objects or surfaces happen to be full of germs or bacteria, your pup will get a mouthful of them.

One thing you’ll learn quickly is that, while it’s easy to puppy-proof the inside of your home, keeping them safe outside is another story entirely. All sorts of nasty stuff and crawling critters make their home in your grass, bushes, trees, and plants. Even if you keep a close eye on your pup every minute, there’s still a chance they’ll be affected by one thing or another. 

Puppy protection was on my mind the other day when I watched my neighbor’s son play with his new puppy in their front yard. The problem was they don’t mow their grass as diligently as some homeowners, and high grass is a place where all sorts of insects like to hang out and wait for a meal to scamper by.

One of the worst is an insect I despise, ticks. Nasty, bloodsucking little b*stards, ticks can cause a world of problems for a puppy and, in some cases, make them incredibly ill. Ticks love to hide in the tall grass, waiting for a warm body to walk by, whether dog or human. In fact, one of the questions I hear most often from readers is how to prevent and get rid of ticks on your puppy?

As with most puppy-related subjects, the answer is that there are several ways to prevent ticks from latching onto puppies and several ways to get rid of them if they do. Some are natural, although most involve the use of chemicals, sprays, and anti-tick medications. 

Seeing as that’s a rather vague answer, I’ve compiled a list of all the methods you can use to prevent or get rid of ticks on your puppy below. They’re all here, from remedies that kill ticks to preventing ticks on dogs naturally! Read on to learn about all of them and keep your puppy safe from these nasty, disease-carrying, blood-sucking critters.

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