Can Puppies Eat Bones?

Like their canine cousins in the wild, dogs and puppies love to eat red meat. It’s natural, healthy, and something dogs have been doing for millennia. Like wolves, coyotes, hyenas, and other canines, dogs used to hunt for their food and consume it raw. Canines have a very short gastrointestinal tract, so the meat, sinew, … Read more

Can My Puppy Eat Avocado?

Many pet parents like to give their puppy “human” food that isn’t normally on their doggy diet. Why? Because we’re humans, and we figure that, if we like something, our pupper is bound to like it. I thought about this in the grocery store the other day while shopping for vegetables. One of my favorites … Read more

Is It Safe For My Puppy To Eat Ice?

For puppies, chewing on stuff is a way of life. There’s just something about chewing that they genuinely love, mostly due to innate forces and instinct. Instinct or not, however, there’s no denying that puppies chew like mad, so making sure they have plenty to chew on is essential. The thing about chewing, though, is … Read more

Can My Puppy Eat Pretzels?

Finding nutritious snacks your puppy likes is one of the challenges of being a puppy parent. It’s even more important when you start training them, as treats and puppy training go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, and baseball and beer. The thing is, puppies will eat all sorts of stuff whether … Read more