How To Introduce Your Puppy To Water

For most mammals, the mother teaches their babies about life and what to do in certain situations. When you adopt a puppy, you take over for their momma, which is a big responsibility. If you’ve just adopted a p[uppy, there’s a good chance you’re discovering this as we speak. For example, as your pup’s new … Read more

How To Introduce Your Dog To A New Puppy?

Like humans, dogs are social animals and socializing with other dogs, pets, and people is essential to their health and well-being. Helping your puppy become more social is one of the crucial tasks you take on when you adopt and become a puppy parent. (Their momma won’t be around to do it, obviously.) The Thing … Read more

How to Introduce My Puppy To Kids?

Puppy parents come in all shapes and sizes, it’s true. While most children don’t have the maturity and attention span to care for a puppy and be a puppy parent, they certainly love puppies as much as adults do, and probably even more. That’s why so many kids are given puppies for Christmas, birthdays, and … Read more