Can Puppies Get UTIs?

Like all living creatures, puppies sometimes get sick and need medical attention. As a pet parent, you need to be prepared for the possibility that your pup will probably get sick from something, if only occasionally.  Your puppy might eat something that causes a gastrointestinal blockage, for example, such as part of a plastic bag. … Read more

Should I Remove My Great Pyrenees Puppy’s Extra Dew Claws?

When adopting a puppy, most folks don’t give much thought to whether they have an extra limb. There are some breeds of puppies, though, where humans regularly remove perfectly fine body parts, including cropping their tails and bobbing their ears. Unless you plan to breed your puppy, having them spayed or neutered is accepted throughout … Read more

How Do Puppies Show Affection?

One of life’s great mysteries is the connection between dogs and humans. (Sorry, cat lovers.) Unlike almost any other animal, humans bond with dogs in a way that goes beyond our typical compassion for cute creatures. One of the ways to strengthen the bond between dogs and humans is to socialize a puppy well. Introducing … Read more

Is It Dangerous If My Puppy Ate Plastic?

As I’ve mentioned many times in my other blogs, you take on many responsibilities when adopting a puppy. Like a child, a puppy cannot fend for itself, make its food or take itself for a walk. Even more challenging is that a puppy can’t talk to you and tell you when something is wrong. For … Read more

What Do I Do If My Puppy Eats Weed?

Puppies, like babies, tend to explore their world using their hands and mouth more than any other body parts. For that reason, they also tend to swallow things that they shouldn’t.  A puppy’s keen sense of smell will lead it to all sorts of different things in the average home, and, if not kept out … Read more