How To Train Your Puppy Not To Jump

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, you’ll soon find out there are many things you need to train them. How to come when you call, for example, or sit when you tell them to sit. The list of things you need to train your puppy is pretty long, and you shouldn’t try to teach them … Read more

How To Train Your Puppy Not To Dig

As I have discussed in many of my previous blogs, you take on a lot of responsibility when adopting a puppy.  One of the biggest is to train your pup well, so it stays healthy and gets the chance to grow into an adult dog. However, keeping your puppy safe isn’t the only reason to … Read more

How To Be A Better Trainer For Your Puppy

As a first-time pet parent, you will inevitably have many questions about how to raise a puppy, feed them, train them, and take care of them. That’s 100% normal, of course. Like anything new, you need to learn, practice, and, most of all, be patient. I can guarantee that you won’t learn everything overnight, and … Read more

How Do I Train My Dog Not To Bark?

When you adopt a puppy, you take on the responsibility of training them in virtually everything they need to become healthy and happy adult dogs. Also, to make sure that you, as their pet parent, stay healthy and happy as well. Training takes time, patience, and energy and, frankly, is often rather frustrating. Unlike a … Read more

How Much Does Puppy Training Cost?

Besides vaccinations, I believe the most important task for every puppy parent is to train their puppy well. The sad truth is that shelters are full of dogs who weren’t trained well as puppies and became too much for their parent to handle. Yes, some dog breeds are more difficult to train than others, it’s … Read more